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All patterns are clearly written with lots of colour illustration.

Name: Annabella Bag

Name: Four Bali Bags

Item: CCC114

Retail price: $10.00
You will get 2 bags from one Bali Pop. Beautiful appliqued flowers embellish this bag, and if you like, you can do some beading. It is a large bag with large divided inside pockets. Save your leftover pieces of Bali Pops to make the matching wallet.
Measures: 13.5"L x 11"H x 6"D

Item: CCC103

Retail price: $13.00
Make all 4 of these bags from one bali pop, jelly roll, or, if you like, cut your own 2.5" strips. All of these bags have inside pockets and magnetic snaps. This is a great opportunity to use those decorative stitches on your machine.

Bag 1- 11.5"L x 10"H x 5.5"D

Bag 2- 11.5"L x 11"H x 5.5"D

Bag 3- 8.5"L x 12"H x 6"D

Bag 4- 9"L x 10"H x 4"D

Name: Bali Bits and Bites

Name: The Jessica Bag

Item: CCC104

Retail price: $10.00
If you use a bali pop or jelly roll to make this bag, you will get 3 very different looking bags - one for you and two for gifts! Use your decorative threads and stitches on your machine to quilt as you like. This bag has 12" long, divided inside pockets, and a magnetic snap.
Measures: 14"L x 9"H x 3"D

Item: CCC102

Retail price: $10.00
Make all 4 of these bags from one bali pop, jelly roll, or, if you like, cut your own 3" strips. All of these bags have inside pockets and magnetic snaps. This is a great opportunity to use those decorative stitches on your machine.
Measures: 15.5"L x 12"H x 5"D

Name: Crazy Daisy

Name: The Bow Bag

Item: CCC110

Retail price: $10.00
Make this easy to applique quilt from Bali Pops, Jelly Rolls, or cut your own 2.5" strips, plus the background and border fabrics. Instructions for lap, twin and queen.

Item: CCC101

Retail price: $10.00
This is a very easy to make tote-style bag. If you have an interesting fabric that you would like to showcase, this is the pattern for you. There are 2 inside pockets and a magnetic snap.
Measures: 16
.5"L x 9"H x 4.5"D


Name: Bella Wallet

Name: Little Bits

Item: CCC115

Retail price: $10.00
Use your leftover Bali Pop pieces to make this large appliqued wallet. The attached zippered change purse snaps on and off the wallet.

Item: CCC106

Retail price: $10.00
Use your leftover strips of fabric to make a wallet, change purse and eye glass case. Another great project to use your decorative threads and stitches on. All pieces work up quickly and make great gifts.

Name: Making Friends

Name: Achy Breaky Hearts

Item: CCC105

Retail price: $10.00
Everyone loves snowmen! Make this adorable appliqued wall hanging for a friend or yourself!

Measures: 18.5"H x 21"L

Item: CCC111

Retail price: $10.00
Use Bali Pops, Jelly Rolls or cut your own 2.5" strips, plus background and border fabrics. You can make this quilt with no broken hearts, if you like. Instructions for lap, twin, double and queen.

Name: Trick or Treat

Name: Easy Peasy

Item: CCC118

Retail price: $10.00

This pattern is for a large applique Halloween wall hanging. All template pieces are full size and reversed for use with fusible web.

Measures: 27"H x 28.5"L

Item: CCC116

Retail price: $10:00

This is a great pattern for beginners, however, more advanced quilters like it too. It is designed using fat quarters and there are no matching seams in the blocks. Instructions are for baby, lap, twin, double, queen and king.


Name: Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Item: CCC113

Retail price: $10.00

Snails and puppy dogs! Perfect for that new baby boy. The full alphabet is included with this appliqued quilt so that you can personalize it with the baby's own name.

Measures: 37" x 47"

Name: Cool Cat

Item: CCC117

Retail price: $10.00

Here is  large appliqued cat wall hanging for all you cat lovers. All template pieces are full size and reversed for fusible web.

Measures: 29"H x 38"L

Name: Quilters Tote

Name: Bali Christmas Ornaments

Item: CCC119

Retail price: $10.00

Here is a tote bag large enough for a 18” x 24” cutting mat, plus all your quilting supplies. There are large pockets on both sides of the lining, where you can store your quilting squares and rulers. This tote bag has small handles as well as a long, over the shoulder strap to keep your hands free. This pattern is made using a Bali Pop, or 40 - 2 1⁄2” strips.
Measures: 27” wide x 19” high, and 3 1⁄2” deep.


Item: CCC121

Retail price: $6.00

Use all of your leftover little strips of Bali Pops to make these cute Christmas ornaments. They are fun to make, even for the kids! Top them off with bits of yarn, or lots of glitter. Use old ornaments, styratoam balls, or inexpensive ornaments from your local dollar store for the base.


Turtle Cay cover.jpg

Name: Snap Crackers Quilt

Name: Turtle Cay

Item: CCC120

Retail price: $10.00

Here is the easiest quilt you will ever make! This quilt is made using 1 package of 10” pre-cuts and 2 packages of 5” pre-cuts, plus the borders.
Measures: 77” x 98”


Item: CCC124

Retail price: $14.00

This quilt is designed to use one package of Bali Crackers in Breakers, or 40-10" squares in blues. The squares are separated light to dark, stacked, cut curvy and shuffled. Full sized, reversed for fusible web templates are included for all appliques.
Measures: 53” x 75”


Blooming Hibiscus cover.jpg

Sugar & Spice Quilt.jpg

Name: Sugar and Spice

Name: Blooming Hibiscus

Item: CCC125

Retail price: $10.00

This quilt has instructions for lap, twin and queen sized quilts. It uses a Bali Pop or Jelly Roll for the block borders, which are squares crooked for a funky look. This is an easy and quick to do fun tropical quilt.


Item: CCC112

Retail price: $10.00

This baby girl quilt measures 37"x47" and can be personalized. The full sized templates are reversed for easy application with fusible web. The full alphabet is included.


SSlippers cover.jpg

Bali Christmas Balls Front.jpg

Name: Snappy Slippers & Travel Case

Name: Bali Christmas Balls 

Item: CCC127

Retail price: $6.00

Ever wonder what you can do with 1 - 2  1/2" strip of fabric, or leftover strips of fabric?  This ornament uses 3 Styrofoam balls, small, medium, and large,

plus lots of glitter.  Easy and quick to make - no sewing required, great project to do with the kids.


Item: CCC123

Retail price: $15.00

Make these slippers and their cute travel bag with one package of Bali Snaps or Charm Squares. Pattern calls for a slipper gripper for the sole bottom and a foam based non-fusible interfacing such as ByAnnies Soft & Stable. Full sized templates included for sizes 5 - 11 women's. Slippers have removable insoles.


Bali Snippets front.jpg

Sophia Grace & Rosie.jpg

Name: Bali Snippets

Name: Sophia Grace & Rosie

Item: CCC128

Retail price: $12.00

Save all your leftover scraps of fabrics to make these adorable Bali Snippets ornaments.  You can embellish them with lots of glitter and buttons.

These ornaments are stuffed with polyester fiberfill for a 3-D effect.   Included in the pattern are full-sized templates for 3 sizes of stars, 2 sizes

of hearts, owls and gingerbread men, and a snowman and a bird.  Another easy and fast project.


Item: CCC126

Retail price: $14.00

If you are  using a Bali Pop or Jelly Roll to make this bag and matching wallet you will get 3 sets, all looking different.
The wallet has lots of pockets for cards, and a zippered pocket for change.  Use your decorative stitches for interest.
This bag uses Soft & Stable for the foundation piecing and leather handles.
The bag measures 16  1/2"  long   x 9"  high  x 4  1/2" deep


Bali Snippets front.jpg


Name: Vegan Leather Handles

Name: Papa Bear Slippers

Retail price: $12.00

Make your own bag handles with this pattern. There are many patterns and colours of vegan leather, or vinyl to make the exact handles you are looking for. You can choose between 17 different decorative ends and make the handles any length you desire.


Item: CCC129

Retail price: $15.00

Something for Dad, or that man in your life! All you need to make these men's slippers and a travel bag to carry them in is 14- 2 ½" strips W.O.F., that is about a third of a Bali Pop or Jelly Roll. They are made using a foam-based interfacing, such as Soft&Stable and a slipper gripper for the bottoms. Slippers have removable insoles and full-sized templates are included for men's sizes 7-14. 


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