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March 16, 2020
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10 Reasons Why Coja Produces High Quality Leather Furniture

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My husband and I have been shopping around for a nice, quality set of leather furniture for our living room, and recently I came across a brand that I am really impressed with in many ways. That company is Coja (pronounced Coy-ya), and they originated in Holland more than 75 years ago. Over the years, they quickly established themselves in Europe as a company that produces beautifully designed furniture with quality workmanship made of the best and most comfortable leather. In 1986, with three generations of expertise, they expanded by bringing their products to North America, where their success story has continued.

But what has made them successful? They have set the standard for quality, beauty and durability in leather furniture.They believe that their dedication to producing the highest quality leather furniture in the industry is done by embracing the future while remembering their past. They bring together old word craftsmanship and modern innovation to produce contemporary design and elegance in leather furniture that was once only available to the wealthy and elite, but now can grace any home and budget.

They accomplish this a few different ways. They ensure quality by doing everything by hand. They also control the entire manufacturing process, meaning that nothing is out sourced, all of the work is done on their premises in their own manufacturing facilities. They purchase in bulk and then pass those savings on to their customers. And, they create exclusive designs, so you can find something that is sure to please you.

Most of all, Coja is known for producing extremely high quality pieces of furniture. Here are 10 things that Coja does to achieve such high standards in all of their leather furniture.
  1. They start with a huge selection of the finest top grain hides on the market that are dyed for full depth and consistency of color.
  2. Each piece of leather is hand checked for defects. Holes and open scars are removed, healed scars and imperfections are kept so that the leather retains its natural character.
  3. For every piece of furniture produced, each step and every piece of information is tracked in a database. This ensures efficiency from product conception to completion.
  4. A layer of padding is stitched directly to the leather, this ensures that there is no slippage.
  5. Coja uses sewing machines that represents the latest in sewing technology. These machines allow different grades of threads, as well as computerized stitching designs.
  6. Their base frames are constructed from the highest quality materials available, and all frame stress points are reinforced for maximum life. They also use webbing, not cardboard, for the backs of their frames.
  7. Heavy felt is used to initially cover the base, and then all wood surfaces are given a covering of foam rubber to ensure a soft and solid touch all around before the leather is applied.
  8. For seat cushions, Coja uses a high resilience high density foam. The foam is CFC free and conform to the strictest fire codes in North America. For the back cushions, they use a back filling machine that uses high quality fiber which results in cushions that hold their shape and are made to last.
  9. All pieces receive a final inspection and cleaning.
  10. Special attention is also paid to packing. Each piece of leather furniture is shrink wrapped to guard against dust and moisture, then they use double walled cardboard to protect against the hazards of travel, all to ensure a safe arrival at their final destination.
One of the more impressive parts of Coja's manufacturing process is that it is not an assembly line. Craftsmen move freely between stations, this adds not only to the interest and pride that they take in their work, but also allows for flexibility in keeping production stages in step with one another, creating efficiency in fulfilling customer orders.

Coja knows leather. Their leather furniture is trend setting, luxurious and well made. As they like to say, "Quality never looked so beautiful." With the variety of styles that they produce, there is bound to be something for everybody.


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