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June 3, 2020
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Beneficial Sewing Machine Questions

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Question One: What is a sewing machine?

Since the first sewing machine was patented in 1846, it has essentially been a mechanical device used to connect materials together using needle and thread. Today, we think of the sewing machine largely as an device to join fabrics.

Question 2: Are there different types of sewing machines?

There are two basic kinds of sewing machines: Those used at home and those used in factories. Home machines will include sergers, quilters, and embroidery machines in addition to the usual home sewing machine. Industrial or Commercial machines include an endless list of rugged, high speed, specialty machines for manufacturing clothing, shoes, saddles, and many other products.

Question 3: Are there different categories of home sewing machines?

When you think of the standard home sewing machines, you might imagine they are all pretty much alike. Wrong. There are Mechanical sewing machines; Electronic sewing machines; And Computerized sewing machines. Mechanicals use gears and levers driven by an AC motor. Electronics use electronics to control the power and selection of stitches. Computerized sewing machines use pulse motors, and advanced computer circuits to provide the user unrivaled control, convenience, and dependability. A mechanical sewing machine is limited to a hand full of stitches and suffers from power issues including an annoying motor hum. Computerized machines offer hundreds of stitches and loads of convenience features.

Question 4: How much does a sewing machine cost?

Home sewing machines may be purchased for under one hundred dollars or as much as $12,000. Generally, you get what you pay for. As the quality, features, and stitches improve the price increases. In some cases, low end sewing machines may not even be worth bringing home. At around $500 you can get a good solid dependable sewing machine for general use. At around $1,000 you can get a complete featured sewing machine loaded with convenience features and hundreds of stitches. More expensive fully computerized sewing machines usually offer extensive stitch sets up to 1000 different stitches plus embroidery capabilities.

What do I use a sewing machine for?

Whatever you can imagine, you can create. Yes, with your amazing sewing machine, there are spectacular possibilities. Transform you wardrobe. Create your own fashion statement with astonishing embellishments and embroidery. Make over your entire home with elaborate window treatments, table runners, or wall hangings. Quilt. Craft. Create memories. You can do it all with the sewing machine.

Question Six: How can we be sure we are getting the right home sewing machine for you?

Answer a few key question for yourself: What can I imagine creating with your perfect sewing machine? What capabilities or features do we need? How much money can you invest to transform your world? Keep in mind two truths: You get what you pay for. Real value reduces frustrations and lifts possibilities.

Question Seven: What is the difference between a regular sewing machine, a serger, and an embroidery machine?

For general sewing you need your home sewing machine. For increased speed and improved quality, the home serger is a must. It overcasts the edge of the fabric, sews a seam, and trims the fabric all at one time at twice the speed of your home sewing machine. Beautiful pre-programmed designs can also be sewn if you have a home embroidery machine.

Q8: Where should I shop for my next sewing machine?

I my opinion there is only one place in the whole world where you should ever buy a sewing machine. I know, many people buy low end machines over the internet or at one of the mass merchants like Walmart or Sears, but you only get half of what you pay for. To get the best value for your investment, buy from an authorized sewing machine dealer that provides full support, professions service, and expert instruction. This is the other half of your purchase.


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