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May 29, 2020
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Baby Gift Baskets: Not Just For Baby Showers

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When we think of a baby gift basket being presented, we think of the baby shower. Certainly the baby shower is one of the first gift-giving opportunities for the new parents, but baby gift baskets can be given and are more than appropriate for the many other gift giving occasions that are in store for the new little one.

Just to make it comprehensive, let's start with the baby shower. Most of the time, this is a first child for the couple and they need practically everything. The expense of a new baby after it arrives can be daunting, especially if the parents need to add items such as baby formula, baby food and diapers to their weekly shopping list. Along with all of the weekly supplies, there are regular doctor visits that need to be afforded and other incidentals that the baby will need. The baby shower is a perfect opportunity to help lessen the burden financially so the parents can concentrate on enjoying every minute with their precious new bundle of joy.

Use the baby shower to give a baby gift basket of items that they will definitely need. Sure, it may be more fun to buy that 6 foot tall giant stuffed panda bear, but what are they going to use it for? More than likely, it will become a new sleeping place for the family pet. The baby shower is an opportunity to ease the overwhelming sense of responsibility and stress that the parents may be beginning to feel as the day of their baby's arrival looms closer and closer.

Gift baskets, such as traditional layettes or an assortment of one-piece undershirts or even a crafty display of diapers will be most appreciated. If you are especially talented, present the new parents to be with an array of hand made baby items. Hand sewn baby quilts, crocheted or knitted booties and receiving blankets and little toys are not only practical, but because they are hand made, they could become family heirlooms that get passed down to grandchildren. If it is appropriate, this is also a wonderful opportunity to give a hand made baptismal or christening set of a gown, booties, cap and blanket.

Just because the baby shower has passed doesn't mean that the opportunities for giving baby gift baskets has passed with it. Once the baby arrives is a wonderful excuse to come bearing a gift. Now that the baby's gender is known, if it wasn't before, and he or she has a name and is becoming his or her own personality makes putting together a gift even more fun. Now is the time when you can personalize your gift giving and your gift basket can reflect the new child that is actually here.

Now that the baby has arrived, there are still plenty of times that a gift basket can say just the right thing. If the baby is going to be christened, that could be a wonderful time for a small gift basket of Bible story board books, religious jewelry or keepsakes. You could also include a small photo album for the parents to put all of the photographs from the day.

Still the opportunities to give baby gift baskets are upcoming. Throughout the coming year, the baby will be experiencing all kinds of firsts. Every holiday that arrives will be a magical one for the new family. It is always joyful when you can share in these marvelous times with them.

Imagine the possibilities of creating a gift basket for baby's first Christmas. You could include items such as a tree ornament that represents something that is special to the baby. Or a small nativity set or a Santa's village that is made of larger soft-sided components. If the baby's first Christmas is a few months after their birth, this would then be a good time to purchase warmer sleepers for them in their larger size. If the baby is eating solid food now, a gift basket of baby foods, cereals, snacks and formula would really help the parents out especially at this Christmas time. This could also be the perfect opportunity to begin the baby's movie collection by starting with some of the Christmas classics like Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Another big holiday for the new baby is Easter time. What a more perfect opportunity to give a gift basket than at Easter. Depending on the child's age when he or she celebrates their first Easter, you could give appropriate snacks, toys or stuffed animals. This may also be a good time to buy a new spring outfit for them or new shoes. Don't limit your imagination. Find a beautiful Easter basket that the child could use every year and fill it with everything you can imagine a child of that age appreciating.

Two other holidays that you may not necessarily consider giving a gift basket on are Halloween and Independence Day. These are two holidays where you could really come up with a gift basket that is very unique and special. Again, always shop for items with the baby's current age in mind and have fun. For Halloween, you could include a small costume or stuffed animal. And of course, don't forget to add some "treats" that the baby could enjoy. Pop them all in a plastic pumpkin bucket and you are all set. Independence Day gift baskets for the baby could include red, white and blue toys and stuffed animals and some safe celebration toys that do not have any small parts on them like a kazoo or small drum or trumpet. If the child is old enough, he or she will love to add their own noise to the celebration.

And finally, we come to the day of celebration that is all their own, their first birthday. By this time, many babies are crawling and some are even walking. A gift basket at this time could include a small scooter and walker combination that allows the child to push the vehicle or ride it. Many of these are in the shape of small cars, bikes, trains and trucks and have a compartment on them that opens up. Fill this compartment with other items that a one year old would love.

Little ones love to push items like small cars and many are just beginning to experiment with crayons and scribbling. You can find special markers and pad sets that only write if the special marker is used on the special paper. The parents will especially appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Another great gift is a child-safe soft padded plastic mini photo book. These albums usually hold about eight photographs and are equipped with a handle so the toddler can carry it around. Inside it holds pictures of the people who are special to baby, so he or she can open it up any time and see the faces of those they love. This is a wonderful gift especially if the baby has grandparents that live too far away to visit on a regular basis.

As you can see, the life of a new baby is basically one gift-giving experience after another. Use as many opportunities as you can to give the little one a unique gift basket and fill the child's first year with lots of mementos and small presents. After all of this, if you weren't a member of the family already, you will be now.


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