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August 10, 2020
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Computerized Sewing Machines Are Becoming The Norm

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Computerized Sewing Machines Have Changed Things Forever

The traditional sewing machine from day one was, without doubt, an inventive piece of equipment enabling us to make clothes, along with many other household furnishings. Nowadays with the advancement of technology we are able to create many things using a sewing machine more quickly and effectively.

The models of today present various methods of stitching and we are also now able to sew materials of different thicknesses together, not to mention sewing on buttons by machine instead of hand. The machines come in a range of sizes including the hand held variety and computerized sewing machines are becoming more and more well-liked.

Accuracy - Create Stitches Accurately and Easily

The computerized sewing machine presents many automatic features you would not have on the traditional style machine and one of these is accuracy. When making adjustments to the width and length of a stitch on a traditional sewing machine the precision has to be made manually.

However, computerized sewing machines handle stitching adjustments with ease. You can simply enter your desired settings and let technology handle the rest. Your sewing machine will understand exactly how to create the stitches you want and carry out the task accurately. No longer will you need to adjust a knob or dial to get the perfect setting.

Memory - Your Machine Remembers the Exact Way You Prefer To Sew

Computerized sewing machines also have memory as another super feature. These machines have the facility of remembering settings previously used, including your favorite stitches and the configuration you use for buttonholes. The more expensive models offer a larger memory and are likely to have more patterns and stitches for you to choose from.

Baby Lock, Bernina, Brother Innovis, Husqvarna, Janome, Pfaff and Singer are some of the more popular brand names currently offering computerized sewing machines. The majority of these brands have color LCD screens displaying the options available. They also feature automatic threading and thread cutting, two needles enabling you to sew with different colored threads, edge trimming and finishing, built in stitches, speed control and buttonhole memory.

Even though all computerized sewing machines do not come with identical basic features, quite a few of them are similar, so before deciding which one to buy make sure you look at all the options open to you. The price of a computerized sewing machine varies between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand, depending, of course, on which model and brand name you choose.

Offering more precision and being much easier to use, computerized sewing machines definitely have the edge over the traditional style machines. Even though both types of machines have their advantages, if you are looking for a reliable sewing machine where you can work with accuracy and speed and produce professional results, a sewing machine with computerized technology will be the one to choose.


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