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October 2, 2020
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Easy To Create Halloween Indian Costumes For Kids

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Halloween is an exciting time for kids, with getting together with friends, going out and trick-or-treating, and bringing home a sack of goodies. And, finding the right costume is essential. You can always go to the store and pick something up, but chances are a dozen other kids will have the same costume. Making Halloween Indian costumes is easy and a great choice for your boy or girl.

For girls you'll need a large tan t-shirt to start with, preferably to the knees, to make a dress. Using scissors make slits at the end of the sleeves and bottom of the shirt to form fringe. You can decorate the edges of the bottom and around the neck with some stamped designs using fabric paints, or if you are handy sew some beads on. Stringing some beads and then pinning or sewing them on also works.

You can buy or make some beaded necklaces for her to wear. Girls didn't normally wear face paint, so pay special attention to her hair, if you put it in braids, add a string or two of beads to the bottoms. For her headdress take a piece of leather strap or tan cloth and form it into a headband. Glue or pin a single feather in the back to finish it off. You can even allow her to decorate the headband before you finish it.

Boys can go with a shirt and pants or just pants. Use a large tan t-shirt for the top, but not as large as you would for the girls' costume, and follow the same direction for cutting the fringe and stamping it for design, if that is what he'd like. Use a tan pair of pants and for the fringe you'll need a stiff fabric or semi-stiff that will stand out, like felt. Cutting it in strips and making it look like fringe, you can glue, sew or pin it to the sides of the pants.

Let your son decide if he is going to let his hair as is or try for a little Mohawk. Make the headdress as you would with the girls, but put the feather in the front or all around it, colorful and full. A beaded necklace for the boys is a nice touch since real Indian men did wear them also.

Face painting is necessary, in their eyes, for boys. If they are shirtless, some chest painting will also work. You can go for a full face painting or just strips of color under the eyes. If he wants to be as authentic looking as possible stick with black, red, white and green colors, avoid yellow since that was a sigh of death in most Indian cultures.

And don't forget the moccasins, a moccasin style slipper works great for boys and girls. Creating Halloween Indian costumes is easy and fun. Let your child choose what kind of Indian they want to be and choose how they want to decorate their outfits. The more flamboyant the Indian, the higher in rank he or she was anyway.


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