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17 May 20
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Artistry With A Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine
A Brother CS6000i sewing machine includes an intelligent computer. The machine is very portable for your various sewing needs. It is flexible to handle fabrics of different weights. The convenient free-arm feature is helpful to sew while working on cuffs and armholes. While using and carrying the machine, you will notice how lightweight it is.
03 Jun 20
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Beneficial Sewing Machine Questions
Question One: What is a sewing machine?Since the first sewing machine was patented in 1846, it has essentially been a mechanical device used to connect materials together using needle and thread. Today, we think of the sewing machine largely as an device to join fabrics.
21 Jun 20
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Between Sewing Machine Tune Ups
Imagine buying a brand new Lincoln Continental or BMW or Cadillac. Think about how it purrs, about the lush seats, the special smell of that new car. Now consider this. Your sewing machine is like that luxury car in that it requires the same kind of care and maintenance. You would never go year after year on your car without changing the oil or cleaning off dirt and grime.
01 Jul 20
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Blackfeet Nations Influence on Functional Art
Throughout its long rich history, the Blackfeet Indians have endured one grueling struggle after another. The Blackfeet have survived war, disease, famine, pollution, attempts at social reengineering, and countless other attacks against their way of life.Since the beginning, the Blackfeet have passed their traditions, heritage, customs, art, dances, and stories down through the generations.
09 Aug 20
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Child Christmas Garments - Could They Be Any Cuter?
Your baby has to wear one thing for Christmas and what number of Christmases will your child still be a child? By the time they're toddlers, they've grown out of the ability to wear a child Christmas costume. And these 12 months they've got a number of the cutest ones you'll ever see.A lot of the infant costumes are buntings, so it is fairly straightforward to get them out and in of them.
25 Aug 20
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Choosing And Preparing Fabric For Quilting
A substantial part of the enjoyment of quilting is gathering the materials that you will use. There are two methods: you can either select the pattern first or the fabric first or if you are an experienced quilter, you can ignore the recommendations on the pattern and use whatever fabric you please.
05 Sep 20
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Cool Home Crafts: Ideas To Brighten Any Home Whilst Saving Money
Being crafty around your own house will not only spark your creative side, it can also save you money while making your house truly unique. There are a ton of cool home crafts that can make your house into a home. From big DIY projects to small crafted dcor accessories, you can craft nearly anything you can imagine.
12 Oct 20
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Dog Clothes And Accessories: Give Your Pooch A Unique Style
The market for dog clothes and accessories can almost rival that of clothing for children today. Just as parents spend time picking out the most adorable outfits for their children to wear to school, dog lovers now spend their money and time finding dog clothes for the four-legged members of their family.
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